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"My skinsaver companion"

- Janet Gunn, Beverly Hills based Founder of the Grateful Gardenia. Instagram @janetgunngratefulgardenia


 "My Skin is Glowing! I was using Coconut Oil for a year, and it's a good option but the absorption is very slow, this cream is so much faster. I highly recommend it"

- Julia Hackzell, Iceland based Yoga & Travel Personality. Instagram @juliahackzell


 "Diaper Rash... GONE IN ONE DAY"

- Imane Feger, European Fashion Icon & Lifestyle Blogger. Instagram @imanefeger


"So this stuff is kind of amazing and I really didn't see that coming. My skin had a ton of issue aging but still had some acne and eczema was creeping in around my eyes and nose. I felt like i was losing the battle. I was using Dermalogica as primary skincare line with a Clairasonic brush now and them. Cetaphil, Bioelements, Skin Inc, Lush, and many more products to calm my skin . But nothing was working. Dry irritated itchy skin was my curse and it got worse during the winter. Nilotic was a gift, and I admit I thought it was a little weird at first. But I had tried everything else so why not. It only took me about 3 days to realize this was helping. and I would stick with it.
I used my regular cleanser morning and night, put on Nilotic after. no other creams. Eye cream is something I would normally use but the eczema made me stop and the Nilotic must be use very little and not too too close to the eye. (it melts and continues to move around/spread across the skin)
I continued to wear make up on work days and I still do.
I have not had a break out (pimples) and my skin is not clogging (blackheads)
My little jar has lasted over a month or more, maybe closer to 2 months at the time of writing this and I still have some. It feels thick when you pull it out but i dab it around my face and then move it around a bit and it kind of melts in to my skin"

- Verified Amazon Purchaser & Reviewer


 “WOW. Just when I thought that every skincare product out there was leaving a burning sensation on my skin, along came Nilotic. As a doctor I’m amazed by the richness in the products nutrient fractions to heal, protect and moisturize, as well as texture which feels like whipped cream, melts like ice cream and absorbs deep in minutes“

– Dr N Ismail, Harvard Medical, Boston MA. Instagram @89_nour


“Most people in America & Europe have seen a cosmetics product. Fewer of those people have seen a Pure Fruit Oil or Butter like West African Shea Butter. Even fewer people have heard of Pure Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter. As a user of various creams in my life I'm tired of those with Chemicals and Petroleum Jelly. Do you want an unproven chemical or petrol penetrating your skin? Uganda's Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter is the best, more nutritious than other fruit butters and so soft"

[Speaking at Nilotic's Women Empowerment Workshop in Kampala, Uganda]

– Mrs Victoria Sekotoleko, Former Minister of Agriculture, Republic of Uganda


“Nilotic Crème’s seem to work in the same way as a very expensive Skinceuticals, L’Occitane or Estée Lauder cream, without a trace of anything unnatural or potentially toxic. Forget parabens, sulphates, phthatlates, these Ugandans do it do it simply with a Vitamin rich Fruit Butter. Outstanding. My skin has never felt more clear, soft, radiant and rejuvenated”

– Dr A Mulye, MD, Northwestern Medical, Chicago IL. Instagram @anitamulye


“99% of Americans are unaware of the threat that chemical rich, water based skincare products pose to the appearance of their skin and their overall health. I just have to say this – Stop being the guinea pigs of large skincare companies and use something natural, anything natural. Of course, Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter is the premium of Natural and my family and friends absolutely adore it, but it’s so hard for me to share”

  – Mr Ed Wilson, Economist & Former World Bank Director, Pasadena CA



“Waking up after using Nilotic Crème as a Night Cream is like coming out of the shower when you’ve only just got out of bed”

– Ms M Mamtora, Business Consultant, London UK. Instagram @miamamtora

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