Nilotic Ethical Ambassador - Dandelion Program




Are you a skincare enthusiast, reviewer, blogger or beauty connoisseur?


Do you believe in natural, safe & cruelty free beauty?


Are you a supporter of woman empowerment, enviromental protection and/or alleviating child poverty through education?



The Dandelion program is designed for people from many walks of life to directly partner with Nilotic. You can spread the word of our safe, ethical and fruit based skincare movement in your blog, social media page (e.g. instagram), website or any platform of your choice to spread the word of health and happiness.

When you become an ambassador you have have the opportunity to order our products to review. Following this, you will receive a dedicated referral code. Any person using this code will receive a significant discount on their purchase of the Nilotic collection and you will receive a significant referral bonus each time that code is used, whether or not you know the person.

Every time a person puts and order from your code you will receive a report of orders and total balance earned in the program.

And same as always, for each order placed, YOU are directly involved in the planting of 3 trees along the Nile Valley, providing at least 3 week tuition for a child in need in Kampala, Uganda, and hosting routine Woman Empowerment workshops in East Africa for rural Women.