About us

Natural beauty comes when your skin is in sync with nature.

Nilotic is in sync with nature,

Nilotic is in sync with your skin.



  • Make Skincare Safe Again
  • Send as many Disadvantaged Ugandan Children to School as possible
  • Empower Rural Women
  • Plant as many Sustainable Trees as possible


  • To be the pipe for rural communities to bring their natural products to the global marketplace
  • To use income from every harvest and production cycle to drive Women & Community Empowerment initiatives in East Africa, as well as Low Income Child Education programs.
  • To create ownership incentives for the communities of Ugandan farmers and rural workers who are involved in the production and sourcing of Nilotic® Shea Nuts and Fruit Butter.
  • To be a global ambassador for Nilotic Fruit Butter and natural, pure & unadulterated cosmetic products

Nilotic Cosmetics


Our Story 

Nilotic® was conceived in 2015 after a group of Ugandan farmers, Natural Skincare connoisseurs and Women Empowerment enthusiasts teamed up with a British formulations specialist and a couple of US based expats with a strong appreciation of nature. The creators of the brand prefer to quietly go about their job of designing Nilotic® products and running community workshops in rural Uganda, and let the quality of the Crème’s and Butters speak for themselves.

The founders’ believe that the persona of Nilotic® should be the quintessentially elegant rural Ugandan women, rather than a pop singer or reality TV star. This is the woman who has grown up bathing her skin in Nilotic® Fruit Butter. It is this woman who has seen the true benefits of Shea Fruit on her skin and hair over a lifetime. Everything from the website and bamboo package designs to the product content has been approved by our Shea women of Nilotic region.

Nilotic Cosmetics



We respect nature. It’s that simple. Nature has given us so many miracles over the years, from green grasslands to stunning lakes and sweet oranges. We don’t like to play with nature in a lab. Our skins are adapted to nature, and we shall not add chemicals, sulphates, parabens and the like to the Nilotic products that are create for you. Animals are natural too, and we love all the colour and happiness that they add to this world. Therefore, there isn’t a hint of animal cruelty in creating of products, not even beeswax!


We strive for creativity in everything from the scents of our creams and eco-friendly packaging to our creamy & nutritious formulations.  Our R&D team in London (England) works tirelessly with our Nilotic Fruit Butter Butter teams in Uganda to share ideas and create products that can only be described as natural luxury.


Our colleagues think about this every minute of every day –Quality! From thoroughly testing each sample for consumer suitability to ensuring that each production run results in a measurable benefit for Nilotic® communities in East Africa. We want to show the world the fantastic uses of Nilotic® Shea Fruit Butter and promote entrepreneurial spirit and global business knowledge among the local Shea Women of East Africa. Some of us are not even paid salaries for work we put in.

Women & Community Empowerment:

One of our central pillars at Nilotic is Women & Community Empowerment. Without this we cease to exist, and without this we, as people, will never realise our full potential. Our founders all grew up in environments where our mothers and fathers were defying traditional stereotype roles. Today we still face these same issues in East Africa, especially Rural Uganda. Hence, firstly our Shea Women earn three times more than their West African counterparts so they’re able to support their families comfortably. Our workshops and seminars ensure they’re equipped with the tools and network to become full time entrepreneurs. In the Western world also, Women are still discriminated against in the workplace for example. We are strong supporters of equal opportunities for women and men across the workplace and in all walks of life.

Nilotic Cosmetics

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