Secret Fruit of the Nile

Nilotic Fruit Butter, also known as Shea Butter Nilotica by the American Shea Butter Institute, is presently being introduced to the United States and Europe in its purest and most nutrient rich form. Derived from the Vitellaria Nilotica tree in the West Nile of Uganda, the fruit from the tree can take at least 40 years to bear fruit before it can be processed into Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter

According to Margarat Laloya, a prominent beauty creams producer & farmer in Uganda, much of the ‘Shea Butter’ that makes its way to the United States in grade ‘D’ on average. Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter is the only nut derived butter that is consistently Grade ‘A’.

Nilotic Fruit Butters composition is a blend of Natural Fatty Acids. Of these, Stearic Acid and Oleic Acid contribute the largest concentrations. Oleic Acid is what makes this Shea Fruit Butter ultra velvety, silky, light, creamy and ultimately gives the cream a naturally whipped feeling. Stearic Acid is a healing component, which fights to eliminate signs of Aging, Wrinkles, Acne, as well as aiding the healing process of cracked or cut skin, insect bites, burns and discoloring.

Due to the fact that Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter derives from a wild tree at the Equatorial source of the River Nile, and the fact that its produced by local rural Women. Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter production is completely Animal Cruelty Free, Fully Vegan & 100% Natural. Moreover, the local women have been using it on the skin, hair and lips for as far back as their grandmothers can remember. Locally it is referred to as ‘Natures Gift to Skin’ as it keeps everyone’s skin soft, tight, hydrated, firm & moist.

Nilotic Fruit Butter is so rejuvenating and powerful that using it as an After Shower moisturizer once will keep your sign moist, hydrated and nourished for at least 3 days.

Many local women also use it on their babies as it is 100% edible and safe incase the baby accidently ingests it. The general consensus is that babies sleep very quietly at night after their mothers apply Nilotic Fruit Butter to their skins.

Nilotic Fruit Butter is truly a miracle for skincare and our Medical experts keep telling us about its wonderful moisturizing and anti aging properties combined, all while not blocking pores and staying completely chemical free. This is the future of luxury skincare.

Uganda has traditionally been a country where, due to logistical export pitfalls and political tension, it has not been able to spread its tropical wonders to the world. Now the door is finally started to open up as roads, export routes and information transparency continue to improve in the right direction, and Nilotic Shea Fruit Butter is one of the first to hit the ground running. Watch this space.

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